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Michigan Door Maintenance is a family owned business that has been serving Macomb and Oakland Counties for 35 years. Our goal is to offer the best quality products and services for a fair price. We stand behind our garage door products and services by offering a one year install warranty on our door and opener installations. We offer two to five year warranty against breakage on our spring replacements.

We are Fully Licensed and Insured

The State of Michigan requires that all garage door installers obtain a license to perform this service. This requirement includes schooling and continuing education courses and is set in place to provide accountability and to protect the consumer from below standard workmanship. License status can be checked on line with the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth under Residential Builders.

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home made up of a lot of parts that wear out over time just through normal use. Oftentimes, many of the parts can be replaced so that you do not need to buy a new door. In most cases, we can replace broken springs, rollers, hinges and cables.

Your garage door opener can oftentimes be repaired instead of replacing the whole unit. For example, the gears and sprocket assembly can be replaced or just an adjustment might be required.

Call us to discuss the problems you are experiencing with your garage door. Most of the time we will give you an estimate for the repair. Sometimes, we might be able to help you resolve the problem over the phone without any cost to you.

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Michigan Garage Door Maintenance

Your home is your biggest investment. Your garage door is the largest moving part of your house.

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