If you need to get your car in or out of the garage, it is possible and ok to open your garage door if the springs are broken.  However, garage door springs act as a counterbalance that winds and unwinds when your garage door is opened and closed.  It will no doubt quickly become a nuisance to you.  There are usually four different scenarios that occur if your garage spring is broken.  First, the garage door may be off its track.  Second, you can hear the garage door opener trying to open the door, but it is unable to lift the door.  Third, the motor on the garage door is running but the door isn’t moving. And finally, you heard a loud pop when the spring broke.

As we mentioned, the garage door can still be opened but it may take quite a bit of effort to raise it manually.  We do not recommend that you attempt to use the garage door opener since the door will be much heavier without the spring and it could burn out the motor.

If you are going to attempt to open your garage door manually, we recommend you keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Lift the garage door from the center to keep it level.
  • Keep your hands away from any pinch points and your feet from being directly under the door.
  • Do not keep the door open. Only open it to remove your car from the garage and immediately close it to prevent it from accidentally falling.
  • Don’t push or pull on the garage door panels since doing so could damage them.

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